This strange ‘star’ caught my attention a couple of months ago. It flashed many different colours. It looks like a UFO or ORB when the object is fully zoomed in and out of focus.

But we delve deeper and find this ‘new star” is visible throughout the world, night and day. Sightings of the star haver been reported all over the world and growing in numbers daily The first noted reporting was back on the 26th December 2008 in Holland.

So What is this new object sitting in our skies and why haven’t we seen it before?

If this star is Sirus like most are quick to say why hasn’t people noticed this before now & why is people only noticing it now if it’s 200/300 million years old?


2 comments so far

  1. nycjeff on

    I think you ‘delve’ deeper.

  2. Unknown User on

    Thanks Nycjeff 🙂

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