Strange object spotted in Chilean skies caught on tape from the 26th Feb 2010, please let us know your suggestions. Similar things happened in Haiti prior to the quakes.

Click here to see all the quakes in the last 24 hours


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  1. dom on

    i believe it is HAARP.
    I had seen much more of this things in the sky in videos about Chile and Haiti.
    In my town in germany, you can see every day 30 to 60 Chemtrails, forming a white sky. Even on sunny days, if you can not se any clouds, they are flying and paintig the blue sky into a white one.
    I do not fight against them, but I report and talk about it every time, i have some.
    Go on!
    Love will overcome!
    Peace and a free mind, my friend!

    (sorry for my bad english)

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