How ironic, the day Caroline Lucas the Green Parties own favourite lady comes to Brighton town for a conference, Brighton gets hammered in Chemtrails because its a sunny saturday & the towns & cities will be packed out

Notice the chem-trails always seem to be blocking our view of the sun, could it be to block out the planet sized objects circling the sun and Venus? Satellite data gathered from NASA thanks to Cassini a very dedicated planet watcher on youtube, or just a lame attempt at global dimming the offshoot is colatoral damage by flooding joe public with barium and aluminium iadates etc. no wonder autism and alzchiemers is so high in the UK these days. The Met Office recognises the latter, that geo engineering aka weather modification IS real and some at the Met Office have already raised concerns over it.


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  1. MARIANNE on

    THIS IS REALLY DISGUSTING AND DISTURBING, I AM MONITORING OVER HERE IN L.A , sceptics tell me it’s contrails, i know it’s b.S.
    I WAS IN lONDON 2 weeks ago and that was heavily bombarded , i took pics .
    what is your twitter id ?
    thanx .

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