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Did this (and the related incidents over Chile in recent months) have something to do with the major Quakes?

There have been increasing reports of major UFO activity right before earthquakes for the last few years, Haiti included.

This is a major international UFO event, and is highly controversial. Multiple ET craft buzzing a major Chilean city on December 16, 2009. Believed to be standard recon vessels making tropospheric entrance.


VIDEO: George Bush just wants your money! No food, water or blankets

The Bush Clinton Haiti fund; what a scam… Just send ur cash’ says it all…I seriously doubt they’ll ‘spend your money wisely’

I think the poor folks of Haiti will never see the money thats collected throughout the world, no doubt some aid will get through, but not the millions collected, that will end up in these cronies bank vaults Continue reading

VIDEO: Did the government caused the 7.0 Earthquake in Haiti?

Ask your self why Haiti, Haiti is a independent black nation, a threat to American imperialism, defeated the colonizers in the past, and has been an enemy to the government control structure for years.

Earthquakes are caused by plate tectonics shifting, impossible giving the geographical location of port-u- prince, donate haiti relief effort, spread this video, support, in there divine effort to liberate the people. Peace and respect to the human family. Continue reading