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Claims Team UK / USA – BEWARE Con Artists & Cold Callers

Despite being on Telephone Preference Service, I get about 4 calls a day from these con artists asking me about my finances.

The call always starts from a record message and then it asks me for a random number to press to speak to someone. When i first pressed 5 to speak to an advisor I warned them I was on the TPS and my number was ex-directory and they hung up.

I now get them ringing more and more. The next time they called i tried a different approach. I told them I was in 20k debt but before i spoke I wanted to know who I was speaking with. The lady calling was called Paula and said the firm was called Claims Team UK and was a government initiative.

I then informed her that I was on the TPS and again she dropped the line. If you have any details on the dodgy company please let me know as they withhold their number and its hard to find any details on-line about them.

Claims Team UK, This is not the end! I will find you!